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The Canyons (2013) dir. by Paul Schrader

I get an insane amount of asks about James Deen with “bigger girls” (all bodies are perfect and beautiful and normal and we love them). SO, here’s the amazing missharlowharlot (Harper Hughes) and James! You can watch the trailer and see some awesome porno pics here.

*Harper is so perfect. Her hair and her face and her boobs and everything is just so great*

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So would James be opposed to do a scene with bbws? I only see him with smaller girls and i know id love to do a scene however, I'm no skinny girl.
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

Okay. Have you never seen this: with the incredibly babely and beautifully curvy missharlowharlot image


via @janisf Paying homage to my favorite, @JamesDeen this time- #sharpie marker on @TrojanBrands magnum condoms @stoya


This is fucking cool.


more pics of James Deen visiting the revamped Club X Sydney Store @clubxaustralia

And then James, Stoya, and I got kicked out of the peep show because we didn’t realize you were only supposed to go in one at a time.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
not sure if anyone brought this to your attention yet.. but some of the videos on james' site do not work. they play for a second and then stop but the audio still rolls on. is there any way to fix that?
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

Please email our technical support team at: and they can help get you sorted! 



Asker Anonymous Asks:
Whatever happened with that whole You Tube channel thing and people "with genitals" uploading videos you posted about a couple of months ago?
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

We only received one video anddd we got busy.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is James still taking applications for people to do films with him ?
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

Yup! We’ve just been really busy and he’s been traveling so we haven’t shot any amateur stuff lately.