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james deen tho


james deen tho

Asker with-a-brick Asks:
New York as in NYC for the casting call?
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

Yes. :)

We’re looking for women over the age of 18 who live/can travel to NY or Montreal between October 15th and 21st. :)

Apply here:

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Surprised more people aren't donating to JD'S Aids Walk LA. IT'S SUCH AN IMPORTANT CAUSE!!!! Sure some of his 167K followers could afford to. Maybe if he did something to recognise people that have - then more people would donate. Like if he tweets thank you and their initials or first name. People are like SOOOOOOO desperate to get noticed by him. And they re tweet whenever they do.
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

I think that’s a great idea and we’ll start doing that! I’ll make an announcement about it soon. :)

True life: We have the best amateurs ever. Introducing: Rose Cheif! 

Watch her first porno ever here: