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Ugh, I hate weheartit.

Here’s the original photo of James Deen for The Canyons:

(via idreamofdeeny)

Here’s a really great interview with James talking about “feminist porn”, his ambitions, food and more! Check it out. :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Simply congratulations for the interview for Complex, it must be amazing for a journalist having such a good interviewee!!
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

That interview was great, huh?! 

Asker vannydarling Asks:
Everything about this blog is just unf. Thank you.
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

You are welcome. ;) 

One week until Sexpo Sydney! Weeeee!

Asker amberlylou Asks:
I certainly hope this doesn't get buried in the massive amounts of asks that this page probably gets. But, I started watching Greed this evening and saw that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is listed as the director of photography. I was wondering if this is the same Jonathan Taylor Thomas that played Randy in Home Improvement in the 90s? I had the biggest crush on that floppy-haired boy, and may just die if he teamed up with my favorite porn actor.
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

It is not. :( It’s just the pseudonym that our DP uses.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
i'm confused... i follow james on twitter and he has written about 'social anxiety'... he is just joking or he does really have that problem? :((
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

No, he actually does have really bad social anxiety… Like, really bad. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
When/where is James' next appearance?
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

Sexpo Sydney from August 1-3 :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
anyone in this world know exactly the number of girls that james has been with?
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

I don’t even think he knows…