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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I know casting is always open, but when asking for a specific area/coast (like the NYC/East Coast this time) is there a timeframe for when applications actually get looked at? Or is it just when a suitable model is found?
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

We’ll look at our applications for specific locations up to a few days before the end of our trip just due to the fact that test results take a few days to come back so it would be unrealistic for us to look at an application two days before we leave a location when there’s no way we could shoot said model. But all applications get put into folders based on location so when we revisit said location, we can pull models from our database. :)

Where are all of the NY/East Coast babes at?!


Is there any place where I could send fan mail/letter? Thanks! :)
jamesdeenofficial jamesdeenofficial Said:

PO Box 6662 

Woodland Hills, CA 91464 :)


So she asked me to prom!!! jamesdeenofficial stoya anundyinglove

But did you say yes?!